I love Marble Swimwear± I have 2 suits, a one piece and 3 other separate pieces. I love the colours, fit, styles, and how comfortable they are. The Mistral bottoms are the most flattering cut of a bottom ever, especially in the stripes, the way they’ve put the stripes, it flatters any booty to look even more amazing, just the right amount of cheek!! I’m always excited when they add new colors and styles!! And the customer service is super friendly and easy to deal with! 
Kim, Canada
Kim bought the Camille Top, Izabel Top and Mistral Bottoms in Serenity Blue / Rose Pink and the Bardot One Piece.
Good quality and beautifully designed pieces. It's great to be able to mix and match the styles and I personally love the double-sided pieces. The customer service is always quick, friendly and proactive.
Harriet, UK
Harriet bought the Camille Top, Irina Top and Mistral Bottoms in Mulberry / Cobalt Blue.
I love how environmentally conscious Marble Swimwear is. I love that you also seem so personable and make sure your customers are getting what they want. I once ordered a different pattern top and bottom and you emailed me to make sure I meant to order two different patterns. These are some of the things that keep me coming back, along with the cute styles.
Joelynn, USA
Joelynn bought the Izabel Top and St Barts Bottoms in Rainbow, the Camille Top and Mistral Bottoms in Leopard Print and the Romee Top and Mistral Bottoms in Mulberry / Cobalt Blue.
I love Marble Swimwear because I am very active in the water and the 2 bikini sets and one piece I have purchased actually stay in place when I am swimming and paddle boarding! I also love how durable the fabric is and I am able to reverse it for a second look! The colors, the fabric and the fit are just perfect for me and my active lifestyle!
Jennifer, USA
Jennifer bought the Bardot One Piece in Coral, the Irina Top and Mistral Bottoms in Mulberry / Cobalt Blue and the Camille Top in Serenity Blue / Rose Pink
Marble swimwear is like one big family; they make every customer feel so special and loved! They chat with me on social and are always responsive and kind. The marble fam is just as wonderful as the swimsuits themselves.  All my marble suits are flattering and so comfortable. seriously my fav swimsuits! couldn't love you all more!!
Emory, USA
Emory bought the Romee Top and Mistral Bottoms in Serenity Blue / Rose Pink