Trash Talk

February 18, 2019 1 Comment

Trash Talk

We get it. Terms like "ethical manufacturing" and "sustainable fashion" get used a lot. It can be hard to know what companies mean when they use them. That's why we wanted to share some more information with you about the processes that go in to making our swimwear and getting it to you. We'll start from the beginning...

The Material

All of our swimwear is made using the highest quality Italian fabric which is made from 78% recycled plastic bottles. The truth is that, almost all polyester (recycled or not) is made from plastic. So, we make ours using materials that might otherwise end up in landfill, in our oceans or otherwise polluting the earth. 

By using post-consumer bottles, we also cut our CO2 emissions by 54%.

The Working Environment

Our swimwear is made in small family run factories on the beautiful island of Bali. We have visited and will continue to visit these factories to ensure that working conditions are upheld and that our lovely seamstresses are working in a safe, clean and pleasant environment and that they're paid a living wage. 


You might think when you receive your order, "well the packaging's not that fancy." The truth is at Marble, we don't believe in excess packaging that's ultimately going to be thrown away. It might make for a nice little "oohh" moment when the postman delivers your order, but we don't think that's worth the damage to the planet so we keep it pretty simple. 

All our pieces are individually packaged in a material made from cassava starch. That means it's 100% biodegradable and can be recycled along with paper. It looks like plastic, and has all the hygiene benefits, but doesn't stick around polluting our planet for a bazillion years.

Our orders are all sent out in recyclable mailers. No single use plastic, none whatsoever.


Instead of conforming to the seasonality of the high street, we prefer to launch collections more regularly through the year and often in response to what you, our customers, ask for. We manufacture our pieces in small batches, meaning you can be sure your piece is pretty unique. We bring out new colour-ways or prints in our best selling styles or we design new styles in response to what our customers ask for. We only want to produce what we think you want to see from us, to reduce waste.


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Caitlin Wallis
Caitlin Wallis

February 20, 2019

Brilliant article thanks for sharing, I was thinking about this topic the other day and thinking it would be good to get a better wholistic understanding of when companies say their material is ‘recycled’ does that actually lead to a net environmental benefit and if so how much, so great to read about your 54% CO2 emissions reduction

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