Live a Little Greener and Make Every Day Earth Day

May 30, 2019 2 Comments

Live a Little Greener and Make Every Day Earth Day

Monday this week marked Earth day, a day where everyone hopefully tries to make a special effort to live a little greener or take actions to be a bit kinder to the planet.

At Marble Swimwear, we believe everyday should be Earth Day and we therefore wanted to share with you, our top tips on how to make every day Earth Day and live a little greener.


1. Recycle! Let's start with the obvious, but recycling really is so easy. Everything from food packaging, pesky junk mail and your beauty empties can be recycled. Did you know that the beauty industry is one of the biggest contributors to the plastic problem with much of the packaging being non-recyclable. Check the bottle to see if it can be (you might have to remove the pump) and after a quick rinse you're good to go!

2. Recycle your wardrobe. Donate to charity shops so your unwanted items see a second life, shop vintage or even hold a clothes swapping party with your girlfriends. Remember, the most sustainable piece of clothing you can wear is the one already in your wardrobe!

3. Use plastic containers. Use plastic containers to store leftover food in the fridge. Because nobody likes cling film, it's far too clingy.

4. Buy a reusable bottle and cup for your coffee. There are some super lightweight and even foldable options on the market these days, so there really is no excuse.

5. Say no to the straw! Your G&T will taste the same with or without a straw. Alternatively, invest in a reusable bamboo or metal option.

6. Walk more. Where you can, try to leave a bit of extra time and walk where you need to get to rather than driving. It's also a great way to get in a bit of exercise for those days when you really can't drag yourself to the gym.

7. Try meat-free Mondays. Allocate one day a week, or more if you can, where you commit to eating a more plant-based diet. Imagine the difference we could make if everyone did this!

8. Buy sustainable fashion. But buy less and buy better. Invest in good quality sustainable swimwear which will last you many many summers. Our favourite sustainable luxury magazine put together an amazing list of 10 swimwear brands who are doing it sustainably. Go check it out here!


In celebration of earth day, every order placed this week will receive a free set of 4 reusable bamboo straws included in their order! (No code required)

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