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Keeping that Summer bod all year long

April 03, 2018 1 Comment

Keeping that Summer bod all year long

To all of our Marble babes out there: With the countdown on for summer we thought we would give you a head start with some top tips to kickstart your exercise and healthy lifestyle routines, plus a cheeky little workout to get you feeling happy and confident at the beach or by the pool.


So what’s the secret to living a healthy, happy lifestyle, and still being able to enjoy a glass of wine with the girls? There is no secret – being consistent with training and making manageable changes to your diet is all there is to it. Most of all love your body, work on weaknesses, don’t compare yourself to anyone else (we all do it) and learn to take care of yourself with our tips below. There are FAD diets that give you quick fixes for sure, but can anyone honestly say they’ve stuck to them for more than a couple of weeks? We’ve teamed up with UFIT Singapore Personal Trainer, Lizzie Wright who’s living in the tropics where it happens to be Summer all year round to give us a few tips on keeping in shape. 


Why is being consistent better than a quick fix?


The Summer months are the pinnacle of our year where we want to get ‘bikini body’ ready. But my question is - why can’t we be bikini body ready all year round? We deserve it!


The fitness industry is saturated with too much fluff. Keeping it simple by setting yourself a goal whether it be weight loss, running a 5km to a marathon this year, to simply becoming stronger is the first step to motivating yourself. With a goal set, your focus helps you to make changes and become accountable to that goal to make sure you achieve it. A common mistake is girls thinking they need to change everything. You don’t! Make small changes from my tips below to help to maintain a healthy lifestyle and take you to the next level.


Remember: Focus on yourself and don’t worry about what the next instagrammer or model is doing, social media, filters and a picture can say a lot and very little about the realities of life and how our bodies get to the idea of “perfection.”


Make a change each week for the next couple of months, taking note from the tips below, and see if you notice any differences (Plot twist: you will):


▪️Set a goal - this can be anything from signing up to a run, walking more, a triathlon, or weight loss. 

▪️Include weights into your training. A common feedback is that too many women think they will get bulky. In actual facit’s the combination of weight training and HIIT training or running at least twice a week to build that “muscle tone” you’re after. Don’t be afraid! Try anything from dumbbells to kettlebells and much more to find what you enjoy

▪️Make better food choices - cut out the sugary snacks, reduce the alcohol intake to once per week and include more protein into your diet. 

▪️Be accountable; whether that’s training with your friends, having a personal trainer, going to your favourite HIIT class or uploading it onto social media (it didn’t happen if it’s not on social media)

▪️Reduce your stress levels and get enough sleep. Make you switch off your phone from emails, read a book before bed and get at least 7-9 hours of sleep.

▪️Be rescourceful, if you take a bus or train try and walk in-between, trade it for a bicycle, or if you’re waiting for a lift or at standstill on the escalators take the stairs (great booty builder and leg toner)

▪️Have a rest day - take a break and let your muscles repair (will only make you stronger & fitter in time). Typically train 3-5 times a week, anywhere from 30-60 minutes a session then doing something active & fun. Find your exercise playground!


Work up a sweat now. Here’s your Marble Swimwear Workout: 


Keep your workouts simple, but effective. This workout is aimed to give you an awesome heart raiser


What you need: 



 Phone/ Stop watch

 Water & sports kit


20 minutes of work with a minute rest in between each round (1 round = the five exercises below) 

Set your stopwatch ready for 40 seconds of 100% work effort of each exercises with 20 seconds rest and then move onto the next exercise: 


• Push ups

• Sit ups 

• Squats 

• Plank hold 

• Reverse lunges 

• Repeat 4 times


Remember you can’t out train a bad diet. Eat well, sleep well and train hard. You get the results when you give 100%. Set a goal, smash it and continue to be the best version of you.  Each and every one of us will have a different starting point and goal to work towards, just be consistent and keep pushing your boundaries. Let’s go get it GIRLS!


Enjoy the workout ladies! Always give your 100% max effort, see you soon for some more top tips!!


Huge thanks to Lizzie for hooking us up with this amazing workout that you really can do nearly anywhere! Check out Lizzie on Instagram to follow her travels around Asia and her top tips for fitting fitness and health in to your lifestyle.

@lizziewrighty Personal Trainer, Singapore 

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