Guest Blogger: The Bali Blogger

August 02, 2017 1 Comment

Guest Blogger: The Bali Blogger

We spent some time catching up with Olivia Wheldon. UK born and bred, Olivia has just started her journey in to the blogging world. We sat down with her to hear about her experiences and her most recent travels to Bali...


Full Name? 

Olivia Hope Wheldon
travel blogger bali coffee shop
As a newbie blogger and content creator, projects can come in thick and fast one month and be non-existent the next. My goal is to be able to blog for 'work,' but finding paid collabs is a bit of a challenge, so I'm hoping to get another job, in PR and marketing. Most bloggers won't admit to this, which is why being lured into the blogosphere can be dangerous - I once believed that for anyone with over 20K followers, blogging MUST be generating a huge income. Not true. 
travel blogger bali infinity pool white bikini
Tell us what inspired you to do what you do?
I've always been a bit of a nomad, and didn't fit the mould at school. During my final year I suffered with anxiety and decided that my path wouldn't be conventional one. I'd always had a passion for art and creativity, capturing moments through a camera lens, so I started my Instagram during my time away from the system and it all grew from there. I'd scroll through social media, fan-girling the IG babes travelling the world and thought, "why not me?" We seem to spend our lives letting other people do the fun stuff when we could just as easily do it ourselves. It's about granting ourselves the permission to try and take the path less trodden.
white bikini travel blogger bali
If you were a Marble Bikini, which would you be, and why?
 The Elle top in Speckled Marble - because what girl doesn't need a strapless bikini in their wardrobe?! It's perfect for minimising those tan lines. 
strapless bikini speckled white marble
What are your secrets for planning the ultimate vacay?
Be prepared and do your research. Read blogposts on the area you're staying in, find out what to see and do, where to brunch and watch sunset from. Structure your trip, too. It's always good to have a focus.
travel blogger bali indonesia hidden gems travel advice
Your favourite place in the world?
My favourite place in the world is wherever Hugh, my partner, is! Corny, I know, but even if we were sitting on a park bench in the pouring rain, it would be the best. Also, I like to be around my cats, so, home! 
Your favourite hidden gem in Bali?
OMG, so easy - SUKA Espresso. On the main road to Uluwatu lies this open plan brunch cafe. It's super minimalist, covered in house plants and serves up THE BEST coffee I've ever tasted (and, contrary to blogger customs, I don't even like coffee). We ordered virtually everything on the menu (multiple times) and all of it was beyond delish. You could order anything and be satisfied.
travel blogger juice coffee bali
travel blogger bali coffee shop
travel blogger bali coffee shop
Describe your perfect 24 hours in Bali?
Wake up early, catch a wave at Balangan or Impossibles, leisurely brunch at Suka, head over to the secret beach, Padang, (not Padang Padang, or Padang squared, as we called it, haha), read my book, avoid pissing off and being stung by raging wasps, pop into Nyoman's warung for an early dinner at 6ish, drinks at Uluwatu, watching the sunset, and bed by 9!
white bikini travel blogger bali
If you could bring one thing about Bali back home, what would it be?
Seashells! I love collecting shells and coral from the shoreline. If only I could have brought them home with me! 
Biggest Inspo?
My own goals. Everyday I work hard to be inspired by the thought of where I want to be five years, ten years from now. That way I'm motivated to work hard for it.
travel blogger bali white bikini panama hat
Best kept fashion secret?
I'm not heavily into fashion.. I was still ordering from kids clothing brochures aged 14 while my peers were head-to-toe in Abercrombie. I wear what I like and don't try too hard to be like anyone else by emulating their personal style. I'm not led by trends or fashions; if something is pretty, I'll wear it. Less definitely more: I wear simple pieces, minimal makeup, relaxed hair and I'm never without my pearls! Oh, and I think that everything just pops on a tan, so I use Eco Tan - my fave. 
What's the next destination on your list?
I'm off to the South of France in August. After that? Anywhere! I'd love to do a road trip in America or Australia.. or even Scandinavia. Wherever I end up going, make sure you follow the adventure on my website! ;)
Be sure to visit Olivia's Blog here for all the best travel advice and to download her free e-book on how to Travel for a Month and Not Pay a Penny!

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August 23, 2017

Olivia Hope Wheldon
I properly read your blogs & I gain lot of useful information of Bali, Indonesia.

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