Accessories Just Launched

April 01, 2019

Accessories Just Launched

With summer just around the corner, we've introduced a collection of accessories, all hand-made in Bali, to perfectly compliment your Marble Swimwear bikini!

We've carefully selected where these are made and the materials made to use them. Every item in the collection is hand-made by skilled artisans who are paid a living wage and work in ethical and safe working conditions. 

The materials used to make the pieces are considered at every step. Our two new bags, the Lombok Bag and Samui Bag are hand-woven using natural water hyacinth and pandan leaves. This means that each and every piece is individual, such is the beauty of using natural products!

Our Scrunchies are made using the off-cuts of material from our bikinis that would otherwise go to waste. Our lovely tailors sew these by hand in to super soft scrunchies that won't damage your hair. 

Here's a couple of our lovely tailors in Bali where our swimwear and scrunchies are made:

i made your clothes making swimwear scrunchies leopard print

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