8 ways to say no to plastic and live a little greener

June 08, 2018

8 ways to say no to plastic and live a little greener

Today is World Ocean Day, and what better day to reflect on how we can reduce our plastic consumption, and live a little greener. It's hard to miss the fact that plastic pollution is something that's causing a huge threat to our oceans, but it seems like such a big problem that it's hard to imagine what we can do individually to help.

Here at Marble, we're making changes in our business and how we operate to ensure every decision taken is done with the planet at the forefront of our minds. From the methods used to get your orders to you, through to material used to make them - we're considering the planet, and in particular the oceans every step of the way. 

Here's a few tips you can adopt to use less plastic in your every day lives, because small changes if we make them together, really can make a big difference:

1. Carry a reusable bottle. In the UK we use over 35 million plastic bottles every year! Carrying a reusable bottle is a great way to cut your plastic use and save money too! There’s even an app that tells you where you can refill your bottle for free!

2. Say no to plastic straws. Plastic straws are bad news for our oceans. Next time you order a drink, think about whether you need a straw – and if you don’t, just say no! You can also ask your local pub to stop adding straws to drinks as standard and offer paper straws to those who want one.

3. Say no to disposable cutlery. We’ve all been there – caught out in a cafe when we’ve bought a salad or a yogurt but the only cutlery on offer is plastic! Whilst it’s hard to plan for every opportunity, consider carrying a spoon or fork (or even better a spork!) in your bag or keeping cutlery in your desk at work.

4. Carry a reusable shopping bag. Shopping minus the guilt, what's not to love?

5. Stop chewing gum (it contains plastic). 

6. Pick up litter if you see it near shorelines or on beaches. This is the stuff that makes it in to the ocean the quickest. A shocking 80% of the plastic in our oceans comes from the land-based sources.

7. Skip the disposable razor. Instead of tossing a plastic razor in the rubbish every month, consider switching to a razor that lets your replace just the blade or even a straight razor (if you're feeling brave!).

8. Change your supermarket habits. For most households, the majority of plastic waste is generated in the kitchen. Buy loose fruit and vegetables in the supermarket, rather than the pre-packaged option. It might not be quite as pretty, but it's cheaper, and we promise you - it tastes the same!


Check out our Ocean to Ocean collection - every piece purchased helps clean our seas! Shop the collection here.

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