30 Days of Happiness and Positivity

January 18, 2021

30 Days of Happiness and Positivity

January is always a tough month for everyone; it’s the start of a new year bringing further expectations and the added pressure of goal setting. This January we are experiencing additional emotion as 2020 was an unexpected and turbulent year for us all. There is added pressure to thrive in 2021 to make up for lost time.


If you've been following our Instagram stories, you'll know about our 30 days of Happiness and Positivity - let's call it HAP for short! Marble wanted to do something to bring a little bit of joy in an overwhelming month and we felt that 30 days of HAP was a good place to start.


It’s very easy to get caught up in the world of social media, and we hoped creating our 30 days of HAP would give our followers a sense of calm and direction when they swipe onto our story


30 days of HAP is something we should call 365 days of HAP, as we all should try to find moments of positivity, relaxation and happiness in each and every day. It’s easier said than done, though in reality, when you break down and analyse the little things that make you happy, you’ll realise it’s not such a difficult task. 


We asked our followers to give us an insight into the little things which make them happy, and here’s what they said:


  • Watching clouds moving in the wind
  • When you open your curtains first thing in the morning and the light hits your face
  • When you pour a cup of coffee and you’ve judged just the right amount of coffee for your cup
  • When you find money in your pocket unexpectedly
  • When someone smiles at you, or says hello as you pass them by


I think we can all agree that these things happen to us and we don’t always appreciate the joy they bring. 


So, if you can do one thing this January, try and reflect each day on something that made you smile. Whatever it is, big or small, and close your eyes and allow yourself to go back to the emotional state you were in when it happened. Surround yourself with the happiness in that moment and surprise yourself with how big a small moment can be. 


Mental health is incredibly important and with the current world we live in, it can be difficult to not feel succumbed to anxiety or depression. Society has put a lot of pressure on the year ahead, and we don’t agree with it. We think the start of a new year should be filled with happy moments, excitement and positivity. All of which will help alleviate and help to control our mental health.


So take a moment this evening to sit back, relax and remember what made you happy.


If you need some inspiration, you can always come to us for help.

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